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The Lowlands Grand Cafes pay homage to the grand cafes of Lowland Europe (Belgium, Holland, Northern France) - a place to have breakfast before your day starts, lunch with co-workers, a great espresso midday, dinner with a spouse, drinks (or bier) with friends, or even a late night snack or dessert. The grand cafes are as comforting as home and we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable and engaged. The Lowlands Group seeks to create a unique experience for its guests by really concentrating on great food, great service, and great value. We believe that "good enough" isn't and we are constantly striving and improving and growing to meet the needs and desires of our community.

From the moment you step into our cafes, you can see that we love bier (we have literally HUNDREDS of unique Belgian and Belgian-style biers in our cafes) and bikes (we sponsors numerous teams, clubs, and events throughout the area). We use and reuse both local materials and imported antiques to give a new life to landmark properties throughout the city. We work with vendors here and in Europe to create food and beverages that are unique to our group and utilize the most quality products available. We are active in the community, in building relationships with our neighbors, and with helping to raise awareness of how great urban lifestyles can be. We strongly value locations in high density, mixed use neighborhoods because we encourage living where you work and play.