Lowlands Group

1421 N Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: 414-223-4100   Fax: 414-223-4101

We're restauranteurs, brand builders, culture swingers, bicycle believers. We enjoy good food, good company, and most of all... a good bier. We're European-style Grand Cafes. We're a home away from home. We're a warm welcoming environment to give a bit of respite from the day. From our unique and comforting menus to our extensive bier lists filled with an unmatched selection of rare and even exclusive Belgian biers, we're a place to go to grab breakfast with a client or brunch with a group on the weekends, catch up with a friend over lunch, enjoy a happy hour with co-workers, or have a relaxing dinner or late night dessert with a significant other.

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